Västriku vet clinic prices


First visit Mon-Fri 30,00€
Follow-up visit Mon-Fri 15,00€ (within one month, for one medical history)
Each subsequent animal within one visit 15,00€
The service fee for unregistered customers is 45,00€ (excluding animals in a life-threatening condition).
Doctor’s call outside clinic hours 70,00€ (additional medicines according to the price list)


Veterinarian consultation (clinical fee included) 25,00€
Microchip marking of animals (chip+installation) 20,00€
Vaccination (including clinical fee) 34,00€-47,00€
National vaccination passport 5,20€
European pass 10,00€
Nail trimming 12,00€ (clinical fee added)

Diagnostic tests

Fecal examination 17,00€
Complex urinalysis 8,00€-24,00€
Microscopy 12,00€
Cytological examination 17,00€
Ultrasound examination 30,00€
Hematological blood research 22,00€
Biochemical blood research 47,50 €
Blood examination for the C-reactive protein (CRP) 38,00€
Quick test on giardiasis 22,00€
Determination of thyroid hormone TT4 25,00€
X-ray examination from 25,00€

Surgical procedures

Castration cat, ferret (final price) 80,00€
Neutering dog (final price) 230,00€-350,00€
Sterilization cat, ferret (final price) 140,00€
Sterilization dog (final price) 280,00€-400,00€

* Prices contain the cost of the service itself, medicines and materials
* Prices contain inhalation anesthesia
* Prices do not include postoperative costumes or collars

For more information, please call the clinic +372 6 55 33 66 or see the price list at the clinic’s registration desk on site.