Västriku vet clinic prices


First visit 17,00€
Follow-up visit 10,00€ (within one month, for one medical history)
The service fee for unregistered customers is 30,00€ (excluding animals in a life-threatening condition).
Doctor’s call outside clinic hours 65,00€ (additional medicines according to the price list)


Veterinarian consultation (clinical fee added) 12,00€

Microchip marking of animals (chip + installation) 15,00€

Vaccination (including clinical fee) 29,00-38,00€

National vaccination passport 5,20 €

European pass 10,00 €

Parasite control certificate for traveling abroad (the cost of the medicine is added) 20,00€

Nail trimming 12,00€ (clinical fee added)

Diagnostic tests

Fecal examination 17,00€

Complex urinalysis 8,00-13,00€

Microscopy 12,00€

Cytological examination 15,00€

Ultrasound examination 25,00€

X-ray examination from 23,00€

Surgical procedures

Castration (cat, ferret) 70,00€

Neutering (dog) 100,00€ (the cost of medicines and supplies is added)

Sterilization (cat, ferret) 110,00€

Sterilization (dog) 140,00€ (the cost of medicines and supplies is added)

NB! In addition to the prices above, the cost of examinations, procedures, medicines, materials and consultations is added.

For more information, please call the clinic +372 6 55 33 66 or see the price list at the clinic’s registration desk on site.

Prices include VAT!

The visit fee varies from clinic to clinic, and the price is based on the direct and indirect costs of maintaining the clinic (rent, electricity, heating, land tax, maintenance and renovation, equipment rental, communication costs, etc.). We are always glad to see you, our professional team with the necessary tools and medicines can immediately help your animal. Veterinary clinic management is an expensive service as the veterinarian often has to react with lightning speed and in all cases essential medicines, supplies and aids must be available, even if they are never used.